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Who is BEMRR Wizard?

My Background

My real name is Ben. BEMRR Wizard is a product of my passion for BMW Motorcycles. I have been a motorcycle technician my whole life. I have worked for Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Ducati and BMW. I worked for Doncaster BMW Motorrad for 2 years before working at BMW Motorrad Australia Head Office in Mulgrave as Technical Support for 4 years. I have now left the industry but love it way to much and have to much to give to just stop. I have a background in building and repairing computers both hardware and software which has probably been the biggest thing in getting me so far a long in the motorcycle world, especially electronically. Being able to branch out with this little project has really given me a positive outlet and a way to give back to the people who keep it all going, you the customer.

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