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All Questions Answered

How long does the coding take?

The whole session if everything goes well can take anywhere from 15 mins to 30 mins. This includes the initial connection and the coding part. Provided the bike is ready to go and your PC is ready to be connected to by me. If we experience trouble connecting then it can take longer.

Do these coding options void my warranty?

No. The coding options are simply modifying the config file of the TFT to display options not enabled by the factory. Nothing is added. Only changes to existing options.

If the dealer updates the software on the bike will it remove the options?

In most cases yes. If the dealer updates the TFT then these options will be over written. If other control units are updated this will not affect the options in the TFT. Service light resets do not affect the options. The only option that is not affected by TFT software updates is the DRL option.

If my ECU is flashed will this affect anything?

No. The coding options are done in the TFT only. The ECU software is not modified.

I don't live in Australia can you still code my bike?

Yes. I offer remote coding. Please read the remote coding tab on my website to see what is required.

Do I need to have the latest software to receive the coding options?

Yes. If your bike is a 2019 or early 2020 then there may be some minor issues with some options not being available. For the most part everything is available but some options are only available after March 2021. I would prefer to have the latest software installed by your dealer prior to coding but for the most part it is not needed.

Is there a high chance of bricking the TFT?

No. Even if something was to disconnect mid session. We could always just re-code the dash back to default and it will be fine.

Can I use a trickle charger?

No. You will need a battery charger. This is to ensure we have adequate voltage through out the coding session. Low voltage issues can affect the procedure and cause failures.

Which cables and adapters do I need?

You only need an ENET cable. This will connect to the OBD port on the bike and then the ethernet cable into an ethernet port on your PC or Laptop. For new Laptops without an ethernet port you will need a USB to Ethernet adapter. Please make sure you have drivers for this adapter or at least verify your Laptop can get an internet connection through the adapter. Some cheap Chinese ones do not work.

What screens does the Core Screen Sport option contain?

The core screen sport option will modify the default screen of the GS models to change from the yellow/red colour scheme to the black/blue scheme of the sport models. It can also add 1, 2 or 3 additional screens. Mostly the analogue tacho screen is the most useful. Screens 2 and 3 are a digital tacho with lap timer functions less useful.

Is the M start up screen and Make Life a Ride start up screen the same option?

Yes. This is one option that contains both these screens.

What is the settings menu speed lock removal?

It allows you to access the settings menu while moving. This also allows the Race Pro modes to be adjusted while moving. This is not a stand alone option rather a bi-product of removing the speed lock.

What is the customize menu tile order?

The main menu tile order can be adjusted to your preference. Once I set this then its done. This does not mean you can change it your self afterwards.

Can you change the default start screen?

This was added by BMW with a software update. I can't add it.

What is the remove DDC warning message?

For track bikes where you have Ohlins or aftermarket suspension you will get an error on the dash when the DDC is removed. This can be removed so the error is not shown.

​Is the ambient air temp mod available to everyone?

No. The ambient air temp mod requires fitment of a new sensor to the bike. There is also some wiring involved which needs to be fitted and connected up. I only offer this for local customers where I have the bike in the workshop.

I have all the equipment needed to do this myself. Can you just tell me how to do it?

No. There are plenty of tutorials and information around on how all of this works. I offer a paid service for people who just want it done.

Do you offer general servicing?

Yes. I offer full Motorrad servicing as per manufacturer specifications.

Can I adjust the RDC tyre pressure specs myself?

No. I can change them for you to a set value. This can't be changed by you afterwards.

How does the DRL work?

When the TFT light sensor receives sufficient light during the day it will turn the headlights off and leave the DRL rings on. When the TFT light sensor does not receive enough light during the night time it will turn the head lights on. You will see 2 symbols on your TFT. The white one at the bottom is to tell you the DRL option is enabled. The green light symbol on the left is to tell you the headlights are off and only the DRL rings are on.

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