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Customer Reviews


Got DRL, SpeedLock Removal, and Configure Mode While Moving done. Great service, very fast! Thanks benny!



The BEMRR Wizard remotely logged in changing a couple of features on my bike. Settings now available while driving and make life a ride logo on start up. Delighted with it thanks mate!



Shout out to Ben who I've been getting quick advice from for the past year. Yesterday I was riding a bit harder than usual and saw a fault light come on.

Well it wasn't a pulse at all, more of an intermittent flicker. Then the ABS light and engine light came on, also at random times. Sometimes together, sometimes not.

Then, the speedo went, the dash was on but the speedo read "---"

We were in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to pull over, so I self diagnosed all the way to the next stop. Temp was consistent, no burning smells, no loss in power etc. Regardless I rode it gingerly to the next stop.

Got to next stop and messaged Ben, he responds in seconds and reckons its a voltage/battery issue.

Use the torx and screwdriver under my pillion seat to lift my seat off and tighten down the battery terminal screws.

Problem solved.

Dropped by his to say gday and a thanks.

What a legend



I have an s1000rr that was stuck in rain mode and had tried numerous avenues to try get it sorted without any success until I gave the bike to Ben to look at and within a week he had found the issue and when we sourced a replacement abs pump immediately problem solved

Only for him spending the time to find the fault and double check I would of parted the bike.

Ben is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to deal with and there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about BMW’s.



A huge “Shout Out” BEMRR Wizard, he truly is a wizard, went to his workshop with Engine “Fault” display, concerned about an up & coming track day on my 2019, Ben diagnosed 5 issues, rectified & cleared everything & reset my service intervals to boot ( I do them myself), Thanks again Ben, you really know your stuff.



Absolutely the best in the biz, forget the rest, here is the best


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